Okaloosa Foreclosure Changes

Thursday, July 12, was the last day for foreclosures to be heard on the General Magistrate’s docket in Okaloosa County. Going forward, these cases will be assigned to one of three judges. Here are the contacts:

  • Judge Ketchel
    • JA Eileen Vanboxtel
      • 850.689.4116
      • eileen.vanboxtel@flcourts1.gov
  • Judge Brown
    • JA Donna Fought
      • 850.609.5416
      • donna.fought@flcourts1.gov
  • Judge Stone
    • JA Frannie Natalie
      • 850.609.5414
      • frannie.natalie@flcourts1.gov

It is anticipated that the new courthouse in Crestview will be open this Fall.

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