Escambia County Magistrate Report Requirements

Client firms are reminded that Escambia County has particular requirements for Magistrate Reports for summary judgment and non-jury trial recommendations. Foreclosure manager Bridgette Sanders advises

[T]he blank lines in the introductory paragraphs on the Reports and on all of the copies must be filled in by the firm.  Examples are as follows:  the hearing date, Order of Referral to General Magistrate’s date, present before the General Magistrate was “Plaintiff’s Counsel” or “Plaintiff’s counsel and witness,” and “30” day sale date, etc.  Otherwise, the Clerk will not process the Reports, and the Court staff will not fill in or research any missing information.   Also, please be sure to submit the correct Reports for Escambia County not Okaloosa County and use the correct language on the Certificate of Service.  The forms are different, and staff members are unable to make the corrections.

Please understand that if the Reports are incomplete as previously mentioned, the Reports cannot be processed after the hearing.  Perhaps, at times, the Magistrate may complete some of the missing information on one copy as a courtesy.  However, staff members cannot proceed with processing because the remaining copies are incomplete or the Certificate of Service language is incorrect.  You may want to review some of your files to check if the Reports have been processed in the system.  If not, this is why.

Finally, on the FJ’s and proposed Orders Incorporating Reports, it is fine to delete the blank lines in the introductory paragraph requesting a date that the Report will be entered, the tag number or the date the hearing was held.  Staff members are unable to research this information for attorney, and it is causing overall delays.  Please delete it, and it will save everyone some time.

Escambia’s policy can be found here.

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